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So... Don't Cut Cholesterol?

Here is a video brought to you by your Concord Chiropractor. In this video, you will learn several things about your body that you might not have known before, as well as some amazing facts about what chiropractic can do for you! For more information, feel free to check out our website at BartonChiro.com

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So... Don’t Cut Cholesterol?
I hear tons of people saying “I cant eat that, that has tons of cholesterol”, or “My cholesterol is way too high!” Well here are a couple peer reviewed studies on how having cholesterol, even too high sometimes, could prolong your life!

“A study published in Lancet concludes that not only is cholesterol not bad for older citizens, but helps them live longer. Researchers studied 724 persons with a median age of 89, measuring total blood cholesterol levels and relating them to mortality. They found that for every 1 mmol/L increase in total cholesterol, there was a 15 percent decrease in overall mortality. Persons with high cholesterol levels were especially resistant to cancer and infections.”¹
Another study that should confuse average citizens was reported in the AMA's journal Stroke this past October. “In a study of men at retirement age, researchers found that among those who had acceptable levels of LDL (popularly known as "bad cholesterol"), the risk of stroke doubled if their HDL cholesterol levels were low. Why deficiencies of this type of cholesterol raise the likelihood of stroke is not quite clear. Unfortunately, the authors observe, physicians tend to concentrate only on LDL and total cholesterol levels; therefore many persons at risk for stroke are not getting proper information and treatment.”²
Here at Barton Chiropractic, we are more than just pain relief. We help people live life the way it was meant to be lived! So help us save some lives. Tell your friends about us and have them mention this flyer for a FREE consultation today!

¹Sutton, Brian. "Cholesterol for Longevity." DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research). Web. 08 Nov. 2011. .

²Sutton, Brian. "Low Cholesterol Leading to Strokes." DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research). Web. 08 Nov. 2011. www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=38641.

Chiropractic can help improve your body’s overall function and help you live at the prime performance you were designed to live at! Tell your friends and family! Chiropractic is so much more than fixing“aches and sprains”!

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Barton Chiropractic Review

Barton Chiropractic Review

Barton Chiropractic in Concord has been helping people for over 26 years. I believe that our great service is second to none. Here is just one of the many reviews that our patients have written about us.

If you or someone you know is in pain and suffering we can help. One of the great things about our office is that there is never a charge to sit down and talk with one of our Doctors.  To find out more click on Barton Chiropractic in Concord or call 925 685-2002 to schedule a free consultation.

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80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy

80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy

80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy

80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy
Of the estimated 211 million pregnancies that occur each year, about 46 million end in induced abortion leaving approx 175 million births per year in 1999 (Sharing responsibility: women, society and abortion worldwide. New York, NY, Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1999.)
Although pregnancy is common, and low back pain during pregnancy is a
common clinical problem, many women still suffer low back pain during pregnancy.
In 1977, Mantle et al4 interviewed 180 postpartum women concerning the incidence and severity of low back pain during their recent pregnancies. The authors found that 49% experienced backache, and that one-third of these women considered the backache severe. Four hundred twenty-two women (49%) stated that they had suffered from low back pain at least once during the present pregnancy. ( Berg et al: Low back pain in pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynecology 71: 1, 1988.)
Pregnancy increases the hormonal influence on joints and tendons causing the ligaments to become pliable and the joints to become more moveable. Together with an increased biomechanical strain on ligaments, muscles, and the skeleton. I was recently reminded what this is like after spending a few hours carrying 40 pound sacks of concrete. I was sore for two days. When you think about the fact that the average weight gain during pregnancy is 25 - 35lbs. No wonder 49% of pregnant women experience low back pain.
There is hope. Chiropractic. No other healthcare specialist is better trained to deal with the biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy. That is why the doctors at Barton Chiropractic in Concord have been having such great results relieving low back pain in pregnant mothers. Since 1986 when I open Barton Chiropractic I have always enjoyed working with expecting mothers as well as newborns. Pregnancy should be the most wonderful time in a woman's life. Don't let back pain spoil this. Call 925 685-2002 now for your free consultation.

Concord Chiropractor - Chiropractor In Concord, :: 80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy

Concord Chiropractor - Chiropractor In Concord, :: 80 Million women suffer low back pain during pregnancy

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Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain: Tips on Back Pain Relief and Prevention

So you thought it would go away…

A recent study involving sufferers of low back pain in the British Medical Journal (2/05/98), contradicted the previous claim in the BMJ that back pain resolved itself naturally. A follow up found that 91% of those in the survey were still experiencing back pain 12 months later.
Make no mistake; if you have low back pain, you have a problem.

Most low back pain is the result of an injury. Sometimes these injuries happened years ago. I often have patients tell me that they have had low back pain before, but it has “always gone away”. This is usually the worst type of problem. Our body uses pain to tell us that we have a problem. (I promise the problem is not a shortage of Motrin in your body!) In our infinite wisdom, we take the drugs, cover up the back pain without fixing the problem, and our back pain temporarily goes away. We think we are fine, until it happens again and it always does. This time the back pain is a little worst and takes longer to go away and we continue this insanity until the problem is severe.

What can cause low back injuries resulting in low back pain?

There are many ways low back injuries occur. The more important question is what do I do now? Few GP's will admit, as Dr Phil Hammond does in his book Trust Me I'm A Doctor that "they are not very good at treating back pain". Most GP's are reluctant to refer outside the NHS, even though chiropractors are specially trained to identify and advise on the specific cause of your spinal dysfunction (back pain).

The bones of your spine protect the spinal cord as well as the nerve roots, sometimes they lose their normal motion or position (vertebral subluxation complex), and this can irritate the nerves that branch off the spinal cord to all the tissues of your body, resulting in back pain being experienced.

In order for the spine to be flexible, the vertebrae are joined together by soft tissue structures known as discs. Each disc is made up of two parts – a central soft core and outer rings of tough cartilage. The discs allow movement and also help to absorb shock. A slipped disc is the rather inaccurate term used to describe the condition, often in the lower back, where trauma or ‘wear and tear’ have caused damage to the outer rings of cartilage, so that the core is squeezed outwards. This can result in a bulge which can press on the spinal cord, the nerve root or the nerve itself. It can cause excruciating back pain, or referred elsewhere – for example in the lower leg or foot. Over my 22 years in practice, I have developed techniques that mobilize the spine to reduce any pressure around the spinal cord or nerves; offering patients not only back pain relief, but correction of the problem that is causing the back pain.

Do Medical Treatments and Surgery help?

The medical approach is at times necessary – even back surgery has a place. But according to some studies, most spinal surgery for acute lower back pain should be rarely performed. Many people who have had back surgery report a recurrence of their back pain within a year or two of the operation and may return to the operating table. In some cases the surgery makes no difference in their back pain whatsoever, and in some cases it does not give long-term relief.

The Chiropractic Approach:

Barton Chiropractic in Concord has helped thousands of people with low back pain, saving them from pain, disability, drugs and surgery. The approach at Barton Chiropractic in Concord is to make your spine and its nerves, discs ligaments and muscles healthier, stronger and more stable by correcting your vertebral subluxation. Anyone suffering from back pain should contact Barton Chiropractic in Concord to make sure they have no subluxations and have them corrected with a chiropractic adjustment if necessary. This may make the difference between a life of ease, health and comfort and a life of back pain, disease and disability.

What did the Government Studies reveal?

Major government studies from the US, Canada and UK have reaffirmed what chiropractic patients have been telling their friends with back pain for years: “Why don’t you see my chiropractor? You’ll get better much faster than from drugs or surgery- and it’s safer too.

In 1991 the Medical Research Council established chiropractic as one of the preferred and most effective methods of care for acute low back pain. "Chiropractic almost certainly confers worthwhile long term benefits in comparison with hospital outpatient management". "If all these patients were referred for chiropractic instead of hospital treatment, the annual cost would be a reduction of some 290,000 days in sickness absence during 2 years, saving about 13 million in output and 2.9 million in social security payments". British Medical Journal, June 2nd 1990 - http://www.chiropractic-uk.co.uk/.

A panel of medical experts spent 2.5 years reviewing nearly 4,000 studies and reported that expensive tests (MRI, CAT scans) and therapies typically used to diagnose and treat acute lower back pain are largely useless. Instead the experts recommended the non-drug chiropractic approach.

The Manga Report commissioned by the government of Ontario in Canada, found that chiropractic care for patients with low back pain is superior to medical care in terms of safety, scientific evidence of effectiveness, cost and patient satisfaction.
Chiropractic is better for you!

Studies have shown chiropractic works better, is safer and less costly than standard medicine for lower back pain.Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favor of Barton Chiropractic in Concord? Because Drugs (painkillers, muscle relaxants, Valium…), physical therapy and surgery are not designed to correct vertebral subluxation only cover up your back pain and allow you to die more comfortably.

Call us today at 925 685-2002 to make an appointment. We Can Help You!